Firm Terra Architects was established in 1999 in Bangalore by Suchitra Deep and Anand Krishnamurthy. In this period we have grown to become a practice that constantly learns from its experience and sets new benchmarks for itself.

  • Our relationship with our clients is one of collaboration, not of imposition.
  • We believe our role as architects is to design spaces that can elevate the quality of our life – the way we occupy, and function in those spaces.
  • We do not seek to bring a pre-determined vocabulary to every project that comes to us. Our distinct response to context, climate, landscape and culture brings a unique flavour to each of our projects.
  • Our work is characterized by clean lines, but not at the cost of richness in detail or experience.
  • We endeavour to integrate exterior and interior spaces such that both work in synergy with one another.
  • We are committed to introducing green technologies in all our projects.

In the past ten years we have worked on a range of projects including residences, apartments, showrooms, offices, laboratories, commercial, and industrial buildings. Our clients include companies like TCS, Agilent Technologies and Advinus Therapeutics.